artist statement

Through composing, I try to share the profound beauty of music with others.  For me this beauty isn't defined by a single style or sound, but rather through a purity of expression.  Each piece I write has its own essence, and part of my process is to unearth and discover what a piece is really trying to say as I compose and refine it.  Some pieces are complex, while others are direct; some crunch with jarring energy, and some sing with a gentle, folk-like, simplicity – there is no single formula.  However, while the surface character of my works may differ, they all search for a deep beauty and humanity at their core.  In this way, I mostly avoid the abstract, instead seeking to directly engage -- viscerally, emotionally, or psychologically – with the world around me, and it is my hope that my ideas and feelings, as expressed in the music I write, will somehow resonate in the hearts and minds of those who listen.

Background & Experience

I began studying percussion and drum set at age 10, and composing at 13.  Music has remained a focal point of my life ever since.  Early on I played in rock groups and wrote pop songs, while simultaneously playing timpani in school band and youth orchestra.  Today my professional work is in Classical Music as a composer, where I am lucky to collaborate with many leading ensembles and colleagues who bring my music to life with passion and commitment.  My deepest love is composing orchestral music, but I also write pieces for smaller chamber ensembles, singers, and solo instruments.  My career has been supported by commissions, awards, grants, and fellowships from many leading arts organizations and institutions.  For more information, please take a look at the CREDENTIALS -or- PRESS KIT materials.  To read more about my musical interests and ideas, please see the ESSAYS.

current projects